Ovni sailboat

Find out what happens when a sailor with decades of experience as a professional research sailboat skipper in demanding conditions sets out to have his dream voyaging boat built. Colin shares the process of having a semi-custom Ovni built as well as the subsequent shakedown and debugging of this voyaging boat.

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If you are considering buying a voyaging boat, new or used, you owe it to yourself to read this series. Ever since Colin was a small child he had a fascination with building things, or making them better.

He now turns his eye towards building a sailboat. Colin writes about the process he and Louise went through when choosing between buying a used boat or building new.

ovni sailboat

They chose an OVNI Aluminum has many obvious attributes as a construction material—high strength to weight, durability, lack of maintenance—but there are other, subtler benefits that aluminum can offer, especially if building a boat from scratch. Colin discusses what you will need if you are thinking of cruising in places without floating dock marinas. Colin discusses the very different priorities involved when designing a boat for extended offshore cruising versus one designed for the occasional weekend aboard or a two week annual holiday.

Stand alone electronics seem to be a thing of the past. Colin writes about the dangers of integrated systems. A sloop rig might be fine in sunny sheltered waters with an army of gorillas as crew, but it is less than ideal for shorthanded crews sailing in windy and exposed seas. This is when the ability to reef swiftly and safely is far more important, and the true cutter rig comes in to its own.

Colin checks stability numbers for his OVNI and is reassured. But there is more to sailboat capsize safety than the numbers. When building their OVNI, Colin and Louise remained true to their commitment to renewable power after so many years of both working in the environmental field by designing a power generation system that balances wind and solar.

Though there are risks inherent in mixing electricity with aluminum sailboat construction, there are ways to manage those risks. Colin evaluates some of the equipment they chose for domestic life aboard, as well as the general layout on their new OVNI.

After sailing their new home a little, Colin gives their first impressions on the OVNI as a yacht in her own right, as well as on some of the equipment they added.

Nothing on this website or in direct communications received from us, or in our articles in the media, should be construed to mean or imply that offshore voyaging is anything other than potentially hazardous.Since her launch in earlyAventura III has covered over 70, miles. As a result some of the answers listed on this page may be out of date or even irrelevant. A useful link to anyone interested in OVNI yachts is www. The question of stability generally not just for the OVNIs is a tricky one, and I must admit that I am not an expert on the theoretical aspects of it.

Looking at it purely subjectively — and having sailed some 30, miles on the OVNI43, including crossing Drake Passage twice once in winds over 50 knots as well as being battered in Le Maire Strait. I can say the following: apart from the inherent stability factor itself, a lot depends on: 1. Sea and wind conditions 2. Luck good or bad! I believe that if you encounter the wrong conditions at the wrong place at the wrong time… you will probably capsize the QE2.!

My feeling is that with 3. So if the boat is sailed properly, reefed early, etc you have absolutely no reason to be concerned. As far as I know, of some OVNIs built in the last dozen years between 30 and 45 feet LOA none has capsized or got into any serious trouble because of its design.

The OVNI is much more stable than you would expect, and it is not at all rolly. This business of stability in cruising yachts is, honestly, most of the time a red herring.

As I stated above, the stability of a yacht depends as much on its inherent stability as on a host of external factors: wind, sea state, etc. So while I was quite happy to take my own OVNI into the Southern Ocean and had an experienced crew I would be reluctant to recommend to anyone to take a light displacement centreboarder into that area.

I just completed a circumnavigation on my OVNI 43 and I can assure you that the boat is as comfortable as a heavier boat. Your concern, about how an OVNI handles in heavy weather is understandable.

Also, I hove to in 35 knots and while she made more leeway than a keeled boat, she behaved reasonably well and was very stable. I know what I can do, and I would take my boat along that route.

I am not prepared to go into long discussions about stability — I am not a naval architect and do not know enough about this subject to be able to make an informed comment. If you have the experience and the guts! Much safer than lying to a drogue.

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First of all I need to make two important points: 1. I speak entirely from personal experience, and am not prepared to make general statements on this, or any, subject; 2. The most important aspect in anything to do with sailing is the personal experience of the skipper and his crew.

Nothing can beat that!

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I will now deal with your points in order: 1. Drogues or parachute anchors: I have no personal experience of either, have considered both, and decided that a medium light displacement boat as an OVNI could be handled, in heavy weather, without such aids.

The highest sustained winds I have had to deal with were 50 knots, with corresponding seas. This was in Le Maire Strait off Argentina and the seas were quite confused and high.

We continued to sail the boat, as far reefed down as possible, and survived with only some minor damage. Sailing an OVNI in knots.Alubat has pioneered the design and engineering of aluminum, lifting keel sailboats and pride themselves on their in-house team of naval architects including Philippe Briand, Jean-Marie Finot, Michel Joubert and Marc Lombard.

This unique construction offers the advantages of being both light weight and sturdy… yet flexible. Alubat is the European leader on the market of aluminium sailing boats and offers 2 different sailboat lines: OVNI — swing keel, 36 ft. Alubat sailboats are made by skilled craftsmen in their 10, sq. They offer a range of monohull swing keel and monohull ultra-light displacementfin keel boats. The hull and deck are constructed separately and both are built using aluminum ribs and stringers, much like a wooden boat.

Aluminum plates are then welded onto the frame and the main ballast lead encapsulated in resin is attached to the hull on either side of the keel box. The swing keel is therefore able to be lighter in weight and maneuvers up and down hydraulically or with a system of pulleys.

The rudder is also designed to lift ninety degrees allowing the boat to actually sit on dry land when both keel and rudder are fully lifted. Or you can choose to have double rubbers instead. This unique feature provides steadiness in open waters and access to shallow waters for pleasure and safety. Upwind or downwind, on long trips or just coastal cruising, the OVNI will satisfy the most demanding of skippers.

Ballast Weight: 6, lbs. Fuel Tank: 48 gal. The smooth and accurate helm control will say a lot for of its nautical qualities: remaining both stiff in a breeze and efficient in performance, this Briand plan must be tried out… With her generous forms and the quality of the installed amenities aboard, this boat will offer you exceptional comfort on board, both at sea and at anchor.

The cabins are large, and the main cabin is spacious with enough space around the table to facilitate circulation. Ballast Weight: 7, lbs.

ovni sailboat

Fuel Tank: 66 gal. But the brand new CIGALE 16 is everything but an extrapolation of known recipes, it is indeed a new concept of fast cruiser, comfortable and elegant.

In this project developed with Marc Lombard, ALUBAT has decided to combine both the progress accomplished in naval architecture and the technical improvement of our shipyard. Pure lines and a completely cleared deck. Trusted sailboat manufacturers since OVNI Close I'm a boater! Email me yachts and information. I accept YachtWorld's Terms of Use. Alubat boats for sale. Marine Team Valencia, Spain Second owner boat.

VAT payed. Read More. FL, United States. New Factory Ordered Boat. These boats are built to order with your specification. AYC International Yachtbrokers. Eh bien oui! Vancouver, BC, Canada. A round bilged OVNI? For sure! NEW factory ordered boat. Very pleasant with her large aft saloon, she is very fast, elegant, and in very good condition. New Factory Order. These boats are built to order with your specifications and r.

Launched inthis large integral aluminum sailing daggerboard can be easily driven by a short handed crew. It is rigged in a cutter with furling genoa and furling staysail. Its interior fittings. Tahiti, French Polynesia. Alubat Ovni Custom Full aluminium centerboard, beautiful front cabin, well maintained. Warm and bright interior.

ovni sailboat

Sailboat ready to sail, very well equipped and long-term autonomous! NEW Factory Order. Cap-aux-Meules, QC, Canada. Bernard Gallay Yacht Brokerage. She is very well equipped, allowing her future owner to go for long-distance cruising. She offers a great open space in th. The Ovni is the new version of the Ovni A Marc Lombard design with the same lifting keel advantages of the but offering new modern changes such as wider beam aft with flat flooring and op.

View all Alubat boats for sale. Selection of boats that may be of interest from the list of boats available for sale above.Privacy Guaranteed - your email is never shared with anyone, opt out any time. Join Now. Recent Photos. Upload a Photo. Beneteau Catalina Hunter Jeanneau Searunner. Crew Wanted Crew Available. Join Date: Oct Hello All I am interested in buying an Alubat Ovni as a long term live aboard and blue water cruiser.

Trusted sailboat manufacturers since 1973.

Is there anyone out there with direct experience of this design? I'd be very interested to hear of your opinions regarding ease of maintenance and how comfortable or otherwise it is when underway. Personally, I am attracted to its ability to manoeuvre in thin water and the ugly but robust hard chinned aluminum hull. There is lots of negative talk about the poor stability figures of this design but lots of them have done intrepid high latitude voyages so maybe the numbers don't always tell the whole story.

Join Date: Apr Images: 2. Well this one is old, but anyway. They did get the knockdown du to high speed racing down the waves, and then planting the bow in the wave at the bottom, this agin made the boat go sideways, and the nexst wave turned them down.


The boat have now damage due, to this and, no wather got inside the boat. Join Date: Jan If he use a ovni it is good enough for us all I like it, and the twin rudder and the flat bottom, good for speed.

I have not sailed any ovni but checked one last boat show here. Love it, and also the targa to put electronics on. And i would like to sail it in big waves and harder wind. Originally Posted by neelie. Join Date: Aug My friends are sailing a older Ovni We sailed part of our circumnavigation together - along the coast of South Africa. I spent some time on their boat and they had only words of praise, and no wonder because she sailed like a dream and power-sailed like a train.I do have a crush on aluminium boats, as you may know from my various articles, like my visit to Garcia and Allures lately in Cherbourg.

Everything has a firm grip, instruments are where they belong and the cockpit itself is sufficient enough to offer space, but narrow enough to as well provide safety in rough seas. The dodger on this very boat is an option, but also done with durability and safety in mind. I might say that the standard design of the boat looks much sleeker and sexier without the large dodger but I can see the definitive arguments on the pro-side to have one, especially when it gets rough and cold.

The lines and general layout of the new Ovni are pretty classic: Working winches are placed under the dodger to both sides of the entryway down, Genoa-winches back aft. Ovni yachts can fall dry so that these boats are occasionally top be found in the North Sea and the tidal-hotspots of France. Ovni-owners are different. Which is perfectly fine since the sailing market changed a lot over the past 15 years, but it is also very reassuring to see here and there boats being made with people in mind who want more than a nice holiday — who are seeking the adventure.

The new Ovni is replacing the which was one of the top-sellers at Alubat shipyard. Re-designed by renown naval architect Marc Lombard, who I had the pleasure to meet and interview a couple of times before delivered a fresh new interpretation of this yacht — with a great respect to what an Ovni owner is expecting.

The boat has an overall length of Under deck the boat offers a nice salon, this time in Oak, with a cozy dining area the table can be lowered and the housing for the lifting keel. Sufficient natural light will enter the salon via 3 large skylights, the big long coachroof-windows which are a trademark of Lombard-designs and the hull-windows.

The OVNI Range

Note the large chain plate-receivers which indicate a very stiff boat. All in all I felt a welcoming atmosphere and a cosiness to this boat that is rarely to be felt. They became interchangeable. By the way, I am glad that the company I work for, Beneteau, has done a marvellous job in finding a clever balance of these demands in their new Oceanis The only thing I found odd in the Ovni was the fact that the boats by the way, in all layouts have the galley to starboard side, which, for me, is a weird thing: A ship must have the galley on port side, this is how the tradition wants it.

Speaking of the layouts, there are no less than six! The second is that the material aluminium is so strong, that hull and deck alone is ample enough to have a stiff boat. You do not need bulkheads anymore, so they can play with layouts. The fore cabin for example can be placed a bit rearwars, thus lessen the size of the forward sails locker, but introducing a second en-suite forward head.

The head can as well be placed aft of the sails locker in the bow. The more classic design of the Ovni with a slightly reducing beam to the rear indicates the conservative approach with an emphasis on sailing comfort, not being as quick as possible. To the back the Ovni features in this version at least a full size cabin to port side and the bathroom to port. Another door opens up from here to the aft workshop, crucial for a long haul trip where a pilot berth can also be provided for a guest if surplus sleeping space in the salon is occupied.

I am convinced that for the ultimate sailing adventure which brings you to maybe rarely charted areas, unknown anchorages, to regions where weather might change its face rapidly to the worse the boat made of aluminium is the safest and best choice to be made: The material is durable, very light and upon impact way more solid that GRP.

But there is another thing to it: Money.Great article. Everything is welded, it makes for a strong boat. I love the quality of the Ovnis. I have already posted about this boat when it was still on the paper and was just a design that looked promising. The marks the renewal of OVNI line. It is more modern than previous boats and more innovative in many aspects. On that post I have compared its technical characteristics to the boat that is its obvious aluminium rival, the Allures Some months ago Allures released the The OVNIhaving more beam, less finer entries and all the max beam pulled to the transom is unbeatable in what regards interior space and volume and has a very nice luminous interior with a great layout, a big galley and features an unusually big front cabin.

The cabin is wider at the front because they used the forward part of the hull to install not only a big chain locker but also a sail locker, something very rare on a 40ft boat. The forward cabin is so big that it can take a head of good dimensions without becoming a bit cramped but space is not elastic and the aft cabin that has about the same width on both boats has a length of less 9cm 1.

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Both boats have a similar standing height, close to 2. Besides personal taste the only point that seems to me better on the Allures is the slightly raised position of the chart table that can be an advantage on crossings with bad weather since it is possible with the pitch of the boat to have some forward view while seated.

On the contrary you need to stand on the OVNI but then the all around view is much better. Both boats, assuming two cabins layout, have lots of storage space and dedicated space for watermaker and generator and both have an easy interior access to the rudder mechanism.

On the cockpit both boats have arches at the transom able to serve as davits and that allow the installation of solar panels and wind generators. Both have big dodgers being the one on the OVNI bigger and having the support of an integrated arch being more solid even if it seems that there is the possibility of Allures having a fixed dodger look at the photo with the two boats.

The Allures has slightly more outside storage but that is compensated on the OVNI by the outside access to the inside storage compartment. Of course that is on the two cabin versions and the two boats can have a three cabin version that does not make any sense on this size and type of boat because the space is needed for storage. Both boats have nice integrated bowsprits with an anchor stand and the OVNI has a modern slightly inverted bow with lots of buoyancy that contributes actively to diminish pitch and allows a softer passage over small waves and a huge transom that certainly contributes a lot for overall stability and limits roll downwind.

The Allures hull is more conventional having been designed already some 7 years ago but very elegant and with a good performance.

ovni sailboat

They don't give much information about it but they say that with high medium and strong winds the OVNI lacks power upwind and that the small rudders should probably be bigger to give a better control to the boat and I am not surprised with that because when I saw the drawings I was intrigued by how small they were.

It does not seam much but remember that these are centerboarders even if the OVNI has kg ballast on the centerboard. With weak winds the performance should be comparatively worse mainly on the OVNI that with small angles of heel has a bigger wet area. It would allow, with the same ballast or even less, the OVNI to be a much more powerful sailboat, one that would not have problems going upwind and could go faster beam reaching, a boat that on most situations would be faster than the Allures and not slower as it is.

But it is always the same problem: money money and boats made to a budget.

2006 Alubat Ovni 435 'TINTIN' for sale with Grabau International

If you are ok with voyaging not on the fast lane, but safely and carrying a lot of stuff, on a boat ideally suited for long range cruising, then one of those two are for you. If not and you like to have the pleasures of fast sailing then get an RM that certainly will go much faster or if you really want an aluminium boat of this size just wait 2 or 3 years for the new Allures that will replace this one.

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